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21 October, 2014

~Baking Project~: Croissants

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I dont remember when exactly I had the balls to make Croissants but it was around the time Dominique Ansel Release his recipe for his now world famous Cronut recipe, then suddenly I got curious, then I just dove right.Honestly I saw the recipe for his Cronut creation and it was challenging to make~but at then end of my croissant making journey I realize that his Cronut is basically a deep fried croissant dough, and though his methods and dough are different its just a basic croissant dough. I started doing my research on what and who has the best and easiest way to make and explain to me how to make a croissant, while I’ve had experience on making yeast dough~I’ve never done croissants, and upon watching several demonstration on youtube (man youtube is awesome you can find anything in youtube even learning how to cook and bake) and I found Anna Ulson~she is this Canadian Pasty Chef and she is just warm~sweet and friendly Pastry chef that I found that does this baking demonstration on youtube called Yummy Brioche  she is just wonderful, she make a Croissant demonstration & the steps on how to make the dough and honestly she made it look easy, I mean I guess if your an experience cook who have baked with yeast breads then its easy like my self, but for those who are diving in and dont know a thing about making yeast breads, this might be a bit difficult, but she shows you the steps in how to make this buttery, flaky croissants.



Now I know when you go to her youtube page, she does not post her recipes, but just go to FoodNetworkCanada.com you can find her recipe for Croissant dough~and honestly Making it at home is soo much more better, its really delicious and flaky, it takes a couple of days to make croissant, and developing the fermented flavors of the croissant, it is all worth doing in the kitchen and honestly I was really proud after wards that I made Croissants, and just to let you know, there will not be any left overs of this Flaky buttery goodness when it comes out of the oven~I made 12 croissants and my husband and I ate them all~so Beware~this is not a diet breakfast~and I have to thank Anna Ulson~she is just an amazing pastry chef that made it look easy for me to create croissants with her easy instructions and her demonstration on how to make Croissants, and if your a big foodie like me~when you watch her video you will be wishing you had her kitchen~because I would kill to have her oven~well her kitchen~





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