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25 April, 2013

Queso Fundido With Chorizo & Pupusas

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Queso Fundido With Chorizo

Well the Heath kick didn’t last long lol~Honestly I have no Idea what I was thinking when I decided ” Lets have Cheesy Mexican inspired dip for dinner tonight”~I went completely nuts~ME NUTSO~LOL~anways one good thing though, my hubby really loved this queso fundido with chorizo which actually surprise me because he does not like chorizo particularly because the way chorizo is made. This has got to be the most Cheesiest Dish I ever made and I gotta say Thank god I did not create this dish. One Saturday Morning  I was watching Foodnetwork and one of my favorite Food network shows called ” The Best thing I ever made” is on and they did an episode called  “Say Cheese” it’s an episode of the food networks Chef’s  Tv Personalities favorite cheese dish and well This is Marsela Valladolid favorite Cheese Recipe~and It’s Hella Good. A Must try for an appetizer for small group or gathering or just a fun Fundido night lol but just keep in mind this is Cheese and oily Chorizo which equals not  really a healthy dish but~SO SO SO DELICIOUS~Muy Delicioso~

Queso FundidoPupusas

This Fundido will serve 4-6 People but as you can see by the picture me and my hubby are 2 not 4 or 6 imagine the horror~two people should not be eating a whole entire Cheese fondue dip that serve 4-6 it’s unhealthy but Cie La vie~I also made some very VERY GOOD Pupusas  which you can get the recipe Here They are delicious and somewhat cheesey~I use 4 state cheese from sargiento or you can fallow the recipen at least now I know a good Mexican appetizer to serve for my Cinco De Mayo Celebration next week. Yay.

Queso Fundido with Chorizo





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