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18 June, 2013

Smoky-Sweet BB-Q Beef Ribs

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Smoky-Sweet BB-Q Beef Ribs

Do you remember on my other post that by the end of summer I will have a couple of BB-Q Sauce Bottles in the fridge~well it has started~behold my summer grilling has started in my house and I have no intention of stopping~from now on till the fall I will be cooking outside. WHY YOU ASK?~Well lets see well the only main reason really is because its gonna be HOT~and as you well know I don’t like summer I have mention that a couple of times. Summer I think its the worst season but I will grin and bear it~the only one good thing about summer is its BB-Q Season~people take out their grills and have outdoor summer parties with their cool drinks and grilling some dogs or hamburgers or in my case these delicious Smoky-Sweet BBQ Beef Ribs I found on CHOW.COM and DAMN, it is really really good.

Smoky-Sweet BB-Q Sauce

I mean Making this Smoky-Sweet BB-Q Sauce alone is worth making because its sweet with a little warm kick from the Chipotles~and I love smoky-Sweet BB-Q Sauce more then Mesquite BB-Q Sauces~mainly because I dont like the flavor~but this is really good. In The recipe it said add 2 Chipotles finely dice but I just added 2 Tablespoons to lighten the heat because My hubby does not like spicy food that often but it still has that nice warm heat.

Smoky-Sweet BB-Q Beef Ribs1

the Rub for the Beef ribs is sensational~and pairs well with the bb-q sauce~thats all I can say and I will be stealing this rub recipe for my other grilling recipes in the near future mybe adding  some ground coffee or  cocoa powder~getting some great rub Ideas here haha~so Go to  CHOW and make get this recipe~it truly delicious~

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