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4 September, 2013

Ina Garten’s Tuscan Lemon Chicken

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Tuscan Lemon Chicken


Well the Last weeks of Summer sure has been freaking hot~and boy Summer is ending with a big bang of Heat~but I am very grateful for my AC so for the remainder of the summer I am staying inside or going to places that have cool air~ONLY. Now That I have conquered my fear of Cooking a whole chicken~I decide to grill a Whole Chicken and what better way than to find a recipe then from one of My Favorite TV Chef’s Ina Garten Tuscan Lemon Chicken. I have always loved her cooking~her recipes are always the best~they are always easy and they are so full of flavor~she is from what I can tell just a friendly & Kindhearted cook and you know what I just found out you can never go wrong with her recipes~they always come out right.

Tuscan Lemon Chicken2

Ina’s back to basics Recipes are just as that~back to basics and they are very simple and easy recipes to make. I had reservations on grilling a whole chicken but watching her demonstrate this recipe was easy and simple. Now I did flattened the chicken~I had my butcher do it for me because they are nice which makes grilling a whole Chicken easier and I use a heavy glass baking dish to weigh down the chicken.

It is no my recipe but I do believe in sharing this recipe with everyone who have been skeptics on how to grill a chicken on the BB-Q Grill~and trust me when I say~if your gonna grill your first whole chicken then use Ina’s Recipe~it will come out perfect.


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